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Breakfast in Bed

Couples Therapy

Are you frustrated in your relationship? Does it seem like you can’t do anything right in your relationship? Relationship Care Space offers a safe space for couples to express themselves, be heard and opportunities for them to be recognized and valued. Couples can rekindle, reconnect, and rebuild intimacy by learning to express themselves and transform the space between them. We use an unbiased approach where the relationship wins.

  • Examine why your relationship is frustrating you

  • Work together to create solutions that are beneficial for your relationship

  • Discover why your relationship is impacted by constant arguments

  • Explore and express your desires 

  • Identify and learn to speak your partner's needs

  • Build  trust that will allow your relationship to flourish

  • Resolve the conflict in your parenting styles

  • Get support in navigating the end of your relationship

  • Apply strategies to resolve sexual incompatibility

  • Explore triggers that could lead to sexual dysfunction with grace, compassion, and integrity. (Please note, it is important to have a medical evaluation to rule out medical causes of sexual dysfunction)

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