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Polyamory and Other Ethical Non- Monogamy Aware Therapy

Relationship Care Space strives to service a community that has traditionally been misunderstood. We service clients who are engaged in alternative relationship structures such as polyamory, swinging, open relationships, and other forms of ethical non-monogamy. We employ our knowledge of choice and agreements, while utilizing communication, consent, and boundaries to ensure alternative relationships thrive. We use an unbiased approach where the relationship wins.

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Kink Aware Therapy

Are you interested in exploring kink? Are you actively involved in the kink scene? Relationship Care Space, PLLC is a confidential judgment free space that can guide you and your partner(s) as you face the challenges one encounters in the kink scene. Discuss the emotional and relational components of the kink scene as your relationship, and your expressions of intimacy and connection continue to evolve.


Navigate your introduction into the kink scene, and receive support in further identifying and exploring your kinks. Express your desires with your partner and fortify your relationship as your kinks evolve. 


Overcome the struggles in upholding your end of your BDSM contract. Work to better understand the shifting dynamics of a relationship. Redevelop boundaries as personal and relationship needs and desires change.

Concerns that can be addressed in therapy:

  • Time management and scheduling 

  • Transitioning to CNM from monogamy 

  • Navigating parenting responsibilities with multiple partners 

  • Disclosure about being non-monogamous 

  • Disapproval from family and friends 

  • Coping with stigma and judgment 

  • Lack of legal protection for CNM 

  • Discrimination (e.g., employment, housing, custody)

  • Processing envy and jealousy

  • Coping with emotional involvement 

  • Developing decision making structures

  • Discussing time and resource allocation 

  • Developing consent 

  • Engaging in meaningful communication 

  • Establishing agreements

  • Creating and enforcing boundaries

  • Setting relationship rules/expectations

  • Other issues impacting your relationship

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